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Nov 13, 2017 3:19:30 PM

Ville Loppinen joins Columbia Road

Patricia Åkerman

Head of Marketing & Communications

ville-profile.jpgVille is a self-made marketing automation protege. He jumped into working life right after school when he got offered an awesome job at teleoperator Radiolinja. He quickly climbed the career ladder and learned all the twists and turns of Customer Relationship Management (CRM). After exhausting the mobile communications world he joined a CRM consultancy called IPSS which later became Steeri and then Roger Studio.

In his time as a CRM consultant Ville has been through all the roles what the job has to offer. At one point he felt like he needed to develop further and decided to become a consultant in marketing segmenting. Did you know that ten years ago, he was one of the first in Finland to do targeted and semi-automated marketing? Ville also was the main designer of the Finnish iSteer Dialog marketing automation platform.

He felt he’d found his niche in marketing automation (which wasn’t actually called that yet) and noticed that gradually everyone was speaking the same language. He was able to build a robust business of marketing automation consulting at Roger Studio through learning by doing, and by creating a concept of service design supercharged with marketing automation.

“I knew some of the people at Columbia Road and I had noticed that you were building a competency right up my alley. I also felt that I need new challenges to keep learning and becoming better at what I love. It’s been an easy transition as Columbia Road shares the same values I have, and I knew and appreciated the Futurice legacy. Also, who doesn’t want to work in a brick-n-mortar office space in downtown Helsinki,” Ville says. 

“Ville has been able to build a solid continuum in his career. He has all the knowledge to build amazing customer experiences through marketing automation, and he’s unbeatable at weaving that knowledge into an easy-to-understand story. He understands the role and importance of CRM and with him on board we can offer more holistic and whole solutions for our clients,” comments Sampo Hämäläinen, Managing Partner at Columbia Road.

In addition to marketing automation, Ville is crazy about football. He plays it, watches it and coaches it (in HJK, his favorite team). He has two small sons, whom he is actively turning into football fanatics as well - actually, he just want them to enjoy sports and become brave little young men. Ville is sure that football has taught him a lot of important work-life skills; how build a community and get the best out of a team.

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