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Continuous development and maintenance services


Digital sales is a game of continual improvement


We support companies to ensure that all digital sales channels are one step ahead of the rest, through the continual development of digital services. We bring forward a lean cultural mindset that allows for rapid changes, and faster feedback cycles.

Comprehensive monitoring lets no issue go unnoticed

We ensure that you can get a clear understanding of the performance of your services at any time. Beyond that, we set up automated processes so when any unexpected change happens in your website, webshop, or digital service, you and Columbia Road Care will be the first to know.

Communication is at the heart of what we do

We're not going to leave you out in the cold after your services are launched. Service maintenance is a collaborative effort, and we want to communicate with you as much as possible throughout the process. Our aim is to ensure you have a full holistic understanding of how your services are being maintained and developed.

Proactive problem-solving, fast 24/7 responses 

We don't sit back and wait for problems to escalate before fixing them. We identify any potential risk areas and work together alongside you to get those fixed before they result in lost revenue for your business. And if something goes wrong with your services, we'll be around to make sure that your store is back up and running as fast as possible.

Care is not simply about keeping the lights on. It's a foundation for keeping services performing to a high standard long into the future via efficient development processes, active communication and continuous improvement. Ilkka Rämö, Principal Technology Consultant at Columbia Road

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Typical cases for Care

  • Travel ticket sales
    - case Pohjolan Liikenne

    We introduced smart, modern interface development to Pohjolan Liikenne and now their ticket sales channel is available on all interfaces. We continue to work in a continuous incremental development process which enables flexibility to introduce new features and improvements.


    Read more about the case

  • Continuous development of digital customer loyalty services
    - case SAS

    We have continuously challenged the technology stack, platforms and ways of working. New technologies have been introduced on an ongoing basis in response to varying business needs and a new DevOps platform with best practices has been built to enable a single cross-functional team to effectively create new services and operate them reliably.


    Read more about the case

  • Site development 
    - case is the entry point to all Posti’s sales and self-service channels. The renewal of the website, all the way from design to a completely new architecture, has made the customer journeys much more straightforward – from website entry until purchase.


    Read more about the case

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