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Business impact with Microsoft platforms

Unleash the power of the Microsoft platforms you use for impactful business outcomes.

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We drive business impact through seamless Dynamics CRM implementations, CRM adoption best practices, marketing automation expertise and portals.


How we can help

Boost the digitalisation of sales with Dynamics 365

Accelerating growth with Microsoft technologies, we transform sales culture, optimise marketing automation, foster collaboration, and unleash the power of data for impactful business outcomes.

CRM implementations and transforming sales with digital

We help our clients with setting up and taking the best out of Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM. The key to successful sales culture and processes lies not only in smooth tech implementations but also in taking the tools into active use and finding the best practices.

Marketing automation best practices

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing is a part of the larger Dynamics 365 family. It works seamlessly with Dynamics CRM data and offers core marketing automation capabilities. We have worked with dozens of clients on planning, setting up and executing marketing automation programs with various tools, including Dynamics 365 Marketing. 

Customer and partner portals

Building customer or partner portals on top of Microsoft technologies (Power Pages and Power Platform) can bring several benefits, such as improved customer experience, increased efficiency, enhanced collaboration, and access to valuable data-driven insights. As a digital consultancy with expertise in building portals on multiple platforms, we leverage our experience to build solutions that align with our clients' unique needs and objectives, driving impact in their respective business.

Collaboration with Meltlake

For further Microsoft tech stack-related needs, we usually partner with our Futurice family Microsoft specialist company Meltlake. Together these projects can vary from cloud transformations and building Azure data capabilities to Power BI reporting setups and Power Platform productivity boosts.



CRM vision and automation – manual work reduced by 1000 workdays per year

VR was looking to increase efficiency in customer service through automation. Our main goal was to improve customer experience and to create sales-oriented customer service. Together with VR, we concluded it was necessary first to run an architecture analysis, renew the CRM vision based on the analysis, and finally implement the vision through a growth sprint phase.

We started by analysing the current state and role of CRM and its architecture in VR’s B2C and B2B customer interface. This allowed us to identify its bottlenecks and opportunities. We conducted stakeholder interviews and joint CRM vision development through workshops, after which we defined concrete steps and a backlog to achieve the compounded vision.

With the newly defined vision and roadmap, we progressed into a sprint-based development phase to efficiently implement continuous CRM improvements. The sprint approach enabled a short lead time from a business requirement to changes in business processes. As a result, the CRM was migrated to a new customer service UI with improved user experience and efficiency. 

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