Digital sales, marketing, and growth strategies, visions and concepts

Why every company needs a strategy for digital sales 


✳️ Digital sales is more than a webshop - it's how you orchestrate the whole digital purchase journey and customer loyalty


✳️ The success of new digital businesses is dependent on how you approach digital sales


✳️ Transforming from R&D focus to sales focus in digital requires organisational change

We started with an objective of defining an ecommerce vision and strategy. We did not only achieve that goal, but were presented with three alternative concepts that were tied to our long-term business strategy. Columbia Road helped us to open our eyes, to see where we stand, what kind of options we have, and what to do in order to get there! Erkka Lilja, Head of Process Digitalisation, Lindström Group

Holistic digital sales strategies that are actionable and impact driven




Digital sales visions and concepts for every kind of business: B2B, B2C, and D2C.



Digital sales, marketing, and growth strategies.



Operating models, IT and enterprise architectures, organisational structures, and processes.



Growth culture, growth opportunity mapping, growth trainings, transformation planning and support.

Sales is undergoing a massive transformation


👉 Revenue is moving to digital and sales has to adopt. 


👉 Focus shift from digital solutions to digital sales: companies have made significant investments into digitalisation. However, in many cases, the impact on top-line is yet to be seen or is behind the market trend. 


👉 The answer is to actively drive the sales growth of current digital solutions. Digital revenue is on a growth track, exceeding the market trend.




Key questions you want ask yourself as a CXO

What does digital mean for us as an organisation? We can help explain the future through digital sales strategy supported by interactive mock-ups, concepts, visualisations, and even functional prototypes or technology experiments, demos, and spikes.

How do I find new opportunities for growth and enable it? In order to capture the opportunities, organisations must have a certain mindset and operating model in place. It means going beyond more tightly scoped growth hacking efforts. Processes, decision making, IT architecture and even the business models need to be aligned to achieve it. Systemic improvements in any of these areas can open doors to rapid growth or efficiency improvements.

What does the digital sales transformation exactly entail? A good strategy needs to be actionable. We can involve experts who have hands-on experience in development, design, and marketing. We believe in cross-functional efforts that incorporate all levels from individual teams and systems all the way to the whole organisation.  Our core is to design and implement digital sales transformation programs starting from team level, up to organisational and system level. 

How do I control the costs in digital sales transformation? Our agile approach in technical and organisational development keeps the costs under control. Incremental improvements offer flexibility. They also give decision making possibilities that help to adapt to the changing market environment.

What kind of pressure does digital sales transformation create for revenue and EBIT? Different markets behave in different ways. With our expertise in digital marketing and sales, we can help to transform existing business models to capture value where it is relevant. We can also help in creating new business models or even in finding new markets.

How do I break down the silos? This is something many organisations try to deal with. We have been successful in driving efforts where a team is responsible for the whole sales funnel or a certain product or service in it. This way the end-to-end process can flow through different functions and build on their strengths. In our experience, growth hacking methods open the door for a new kind of operating model.  We have well-tested and proven models on how to break silos and get great results fast.




Digital Sales Blueprint © is our way to map digital sales


Running digital sales is a complex operation which requires a holistic understanding of a large number of business areas. Our approach often starts with a mapping of digital sales functionalities and dependencies with our digital sales blueprint. 



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Some of our digital sales strategy cases

  • HORIZON 1: (6-12 months)


    Improving digital customer experience
    - case Helsingin Sanomat

    Helsingin Sanomat wanted to examine their digital services’ customer experience and to figure out ways to improve customer engagement.

    We helped Helsingin Sanomat to see the current state of their digital services’ customer experience by visualising the customer journey and mapping existing data with bottlenecks and challenges to it. Helsingin Sanomat received concrete recommendations on how to improve digital adoption and customer engagement.


    Read more about the case

  • HORIZON 2: (12-24 months)

    Ensuring growth in a turbulent digital environment 

    - case Aktia

    Aktia Bank wanted to develop an operating model to quickly identify growth opportunities and rapidly deploy them to market. We created a blueprint for digital-driven operation development which has buy-in from all key players from all levels of the organisation.

    We also helped Aktia to create a new customer experience driven organisation model that lowers barriers between sales, marketing, IT and product teams.


    Read more about the case

  • HORIZON 3: (2-5 years)

    Constructing an ecommerce vision to support long-term business strategy

    - case Lindström

    Lindström Group identified a need to revamp their ecommerce strategy. They needed help in exploring the alternatives for future ecommerce directions, and help in defining what the role of ecommerce would be for them.

    At the same time, Lindström was in the midst of forming a new long-term organisational strategic business plan. Together with Lindström, we decided to combine the structuring of the long-term strategy and the ecommerce concept project to follow consolidated business goals.


    Read more about the case


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