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Creating a CRM vision and implementing HubSpot for Fiskars Village

Fiskars Village

Fiskars Village is the home to one of the most iconic Finnish design brands, Fiskars, and a lively centre for design, art and crafts.


We got to support Fiskars Village – the lively centre for arts and design – in creating a vision for their CRM and marketing automation. The vision was also quickly turned into reality with a CRM implementation project, allowing for data-driven capabilities for marketing and decision-making.


Fiskars Village is a historic ironworks and the home to one of Finland’s most iconic design brands, Fiskars. The village, established in 1649, has long traditions of exquisite craftsmanship, and today it’s a hub for innovation, arts, crafts and design.

Fiskars Village is not only home to many artists, it’s also a popular destination for tourists – especially during the summer months. It provides idyllic sites to be inspired by the culture and beautiful venues for events and celebrations.

Fiskars Village identified the need for a CRM solution and better marketing automation capabilities. As they were in the beginning stages of their journey, they needed a partner who could help them choose the best tool for their needs and get the chosen tool into active use swiftly. The goal was to be able to digitalise marketing and customer service processes. We got the privilege of helping the iconic 375-year-old village, take a leap forward in their journey for digitalisation.



Our approach

Our work began with a CRM vision workshop and assessment, where we were able to identify all the possible needs and use cases for the tool. It was clear that Fiskars Village needed a tool that supports efficient sales and marketing processes, gathers all customer data into one place and on top of that is easy to use.

Having a clear understanding of the requirements for the platform, we conducted a detailed analysis of suitable tools and were able to provide Fiskars Village with the subsequent recommendations.

HubSpot Marketing Hub was the chosen technology to empower Fiskars Village’s digital marketing. It allowed powerful CRM and email marketing capabilities but also systematic management the contact requests and leads.

As the right tool was found, we began the implementation stage of the journey. It entailed setting up the Marketing Hub as well as the new processes for CRM activities together with the Fiskars Village team. Along with the setup, we built reporting and metrics to enable continuous improvement of visitor experience.

We found it especially important that we were able to build a data-driven system and processes for continuous improvement of visitor experience.

Elina Laari, Senior Manager, Sales & Marketing, Fiskars Village


The project set Fiskars Village up for success with expanded marketing automation capabilities. They are now able to effortlessly segment target audiences and target them with powerful marketing emails.

As a result of the HubSpot Marketing Hub setup, the Fiskars Village team now also has the right tools and processes for managing rentals and other contact inquiries coming to the village.

Moreover, implementing a new CRM and marketing automation tool has built the foundation for data-driven decision-making over at the village. With advanced reporting capabilities, the team is now able to steer their sales and marketing operations using data.

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