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To a new, converting website in just three weeks


Younium is a tool to manage the full life cycle of subscriptions for any subscription-based service provider. Their software fills the gap between, for example, the CRM, the ERP, customer support and a company's own products and services.


Younium, a B2B customer subscription service, had a website that was difficult to update without technical support. The fast-growing SaaS company was looking for a new solution that would enable them to manage their website easily and efficiently.

Key objectives

The key objective was to build the new website with a simple, easily maintainable theme that is fast and inexpensive to implement.

Ultimately, the goal for the website renewal was to design and develop a well-functioning easy-to-use site which would bring in inbound leads and put all the power in the hands of marketing.

The new site enables us to create new content easily, manage the website and support our growth journey by generating new leads quickly and efficiently. Columbia Road’s design and development team really understood what is essential for our customers’ journey and our need to be self-sufficient to be able to scale up faster.

Emelie Linheden, CMO, Younium

Our approach

As Younium already had HubSpot as their current content management system, CMS, we investigated the possibility of using off-the-shelf themes that would enable a swift implementation process. By assessing the existing buyer personas and their customer journeys, as well as Younium’s current and near-future needs for the website, we shortlisted a few possible themes to evaluate against the option of going with a completely customised design.

While customisation allows for the possibility of getting everything you wish for, it is often more time-consuming and investment-heavy compared to a ready-made theme. Whereas a pre-built theme in Hubspot CMS scales and adapts in a predictable way giving Younium a predefined set of modules with a simple configuration interface to work with.



With the decision to use a ready-made theme Columbia Road’s designers were quickly able to start designing the new website modules giving Younium the possibility to see progress and give feedback continuously. The implementation speed was fast, and Younium ensured that only the required modules from the ready-made theme were designed and developed.

Taking a module-by-module approach also allowed Younium to start working with the content in parallel with the design and development. This enabled the users to learn to manage and edit the available modules while having access to support from the Columbia Road project team.

The fastest web project I have ever experienced

Michael Kouly, Niclas Lilja, CEO, Younium

After a speedy project, the new site was ready for launch, and Younium started using the content for awareness creation and lead generation. The website is now live at and is bringing in 50% more visitors and 60% more leads than before. Younium’s marketing team can make changes to content, layout and website elements in just minutes.

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