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Jan 30, 2020 9:00:00 AM

Lauri Eurén joins Columbia Road in Stockholm

Hannah Nordenström

Marketing Lead, Sweden

leuren-profileHi Lauri, how did you get good at what you do?

My competence lies on top of my theoretical know-how from both computer science and industrial engineering and management. To be able to fluently reason in both the technical and business domain is really valuable in our field of work. Having solid foundations to build on has helped me in my work as a software developer, entrepreneur in ecommerce, and in various roles in consulting. My strength lies in having both wide and deep knowledge of the digital sales field. All this helps me understand the complex problems organisations are facing in the rapidly changing digital environment.

Where have you earned your spurs?

I learned digital sales through entrepreneurship. Co-founding and running the operations of a digitally native direct-to-consumer fashion business (before it was cool) taught me a lot. Knowing the operations related to digital sales is a must for anyone doing consulting in the field. Quite soon you realise it’s not just about the web stores. Digital sales also entails logistics, integrations, organisational challenges, analytics and much more. For big organisations it might be a scary big black box no one wants to have anything to do with.

At Columbia Road, I’ve been involved in many different cases, from smaller accounts to bigger ones. I’ve done both consulting and sales, and still I’m not afraid to jump in to projects to do hands-on work, be it development or more about strategic consulting. I’ve had the opportunity to lead large accounts in Finland, and watched single projects grow to long-term fruitful relationships. I’ve seen how our work has made an impact on individual clients, and the market as a whole. This is what inspires me in the work we do.

Why Columbia Road?

I wholeheartedly think Columbia Road fills a void in all the markets we’re operating in. While we’re strong in helping our clients navigate strategically in the rapidly transforming digital environment, our core value proposition will always be about producing tangible impact on our clients business. We achieve this by also implementing the solutions that address the challenges our clients are facing. In layman’s terms: we make Powerpoints, and most importantly we help our clients overcome the challenges described in those Powerpoints. 

Also, what drives us forward is our goals and our people. Our primary goal is our clients’ success - only secondary comes ours. All our employees live by this ethos. We’re a client-first company, and our consultants are built-in to think that way.

I also must say that it’s inspiring to work amongst such an ambitious and considerate group of professionals. At Columbia Road you’re never either the smartest or the funniest person in the room.

What excites you about this next step as General Manager in Stockholm?

Seeing the effect Columbia Road has had on the Finnish market, I couldn’t be anything else but thrilled to make the same kind of impact elsewhere. Although market dynamics tend to differ due to local variables, I believe that many of the problems companies are facing are universal.

With our Europe-wide experience from the numerous cases around digital sales, I have a firm belief were able to help clients here in Sweden, too. Our Stockholm office already has both amazing clients and a talented multidisciplinary team of consultants. I am confident that we will share many success stories with our clients here.

Sampo, what about Lauri will make him excel as the General Manager in Stockholm?

“Lauri does not only have a great understanding of all the pain points in ecommerce and talent as a web developer, having done it all himself. He has deep knowledge of digital sales and business development. During his years at Columbia Road he has acquired a great sense of our clients' needs and how we can help them. His vast experience in the core of things we offer and his energy and relentless drive to create real impact for our clients' businesses, is what will truly help Columbia Road make an impact in the Stockholm market as a whole.” says Sampo Hämäläinen, Managing Partner at Columbia Road.

What makes your heart beat a little faster?

“I do travel whenever possible and love the opportunity to relocate to Stockholm for this new adventure. Outside of work I love sports, film and good music. I'm looking forward to seeing what Stockholm has to offer, as well as what we can offer Stockholm,” says Lauri.


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