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New Roadie Arrivals 12/23

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Helmi Korhonen



2023 brought us one more Roadie. Welcome to the crew, Tuomas!

Tuomas Takala

Associate, Sales Development


Hi Tuomas, How did you get good at what you do?

In a sense, it all comes down to being lucky enough to have found things to work with that don’t feel like work. When looking at retrospect, I feel that I’ve become good at sales, business development and working together as a team without recognising it.

I have to pay homage to Aalto School of Business from which I have found a tremendous amount of great people and opportunities which have made learning and developing my expertise a much more pleasant journey than what it could have been.

I have to thank previous employers who have often given me space and freedom to make my own mistakes and learn from them. Those situations have eventually brought me to this point. 

Why Columbia Road?

First impressions matter. I wandered into Columbia Road’s excursion hosted for Aalto Business students, and after having in-depth conversations with Aki Pöntinen, I was completely convinced that Columbia Road is as employee-friendly workplace as it gets and offers me the best possible situation to grow.

Every Roadie seemed to firmly believe that Columbia Road has a great culture and people, which brought me to the conclusion that there has to be something behind it. So far, everything I have heard has proved to be correct. I couldn't imagine welcoming this warm and inclusive.

What makes your heart beat a little faster?

Summer evening. Close basketball game with intense competition. No friendliness at that point. Making shot after shot. Combining those into a single moment makes me feel that I could run through bedrock with the rest of the team on my back.

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