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Nov 2, 2016 8:00:00 AM

The Jon Snows of Customer Experience: Reflections from CEM2016 Seminar - Part 2/2

Eero Martela

General Manager, Finland


It's All About Employee Motivation

The one greatest single insights for the whole audience turned out to be, from customer experience point of view, the critical role of employee motivation and attitude toward customer experience and customer service.

The event was actually opened with this question: Which of the following aspects is the most important for improving customer experience? In the morning it was a tie between An understanding of customer journey and Employee excitement and empowerment. However, in the afternoon the same question was asked again and the latter had by far taken the lead.

This implies that, among those acquainted, employee motivation is considered the main critical factor influencing customer experience. As such, the topic is not particularly novel. However, I was especially inspired by the aspect of empowering employees to do bold in-the-moment decisions for the sake of customer experience. This should be encouraged and enabled by providing employees with an access to ad-hoc budget for customer interactions. In addition, the employer should inspire their customer service employees by emphasizing successful stories of outstanding customer service.

I especially loved the quotation of customer service employees being “the Jon Snows of customer experience” (reference to the Game of Thrones character): Misunderstood patrons, who protect the kingdom from failed customer experiences.

Nailing it

My personal price for the best question goes to: "How to ensure the good feeling of face-to-face touchpoints in digital?"

The question was partly answered in an earlier presentation, which referred to a study according to which digital channels are as able to transmit and awake feelings in public as are face-to-face contacts. Personally I consider the bold use of strongly personal content to be the cure for that online - of course, in addition to systematically planning the desired emotions in each touchpoint. However, I'd love to hear more discussion on the topic.
"Would you want to have personalized eye surgery?" Tiia Rosenlund, Medilaser
The best one-liner in the event came from Medilaser’s Tiia Rosenlund: "Would you want to have personalized eye surgery?" With this statement in this context, she wanted to highlight the importance of recognizing where in your value proposition a strong personal and customized touch belongs. You'd rather pick a standardized eye surgery, which has a proven track record around the globe, rather than a surgeon figuring out a solution time and time again for each customer. Still, the face-to-face contact with the surgeon needs to be strongly personalized in order to provide a feeling of caring.

Last but not least, I'm really happy that B2B companies have awaken to the importance of customer experience management - at least based on the roles of people that I was talking to! Thank you Alma Talent for an inspiring event!

You can contact our customer experience super-star Matti Parviainen to discuss superb employee empowerment in detail and learn from his experiences establishing the customer service attitude at Wolt, which is cherished for its innovativeness in customer experience.

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