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Meet our Stockholm Associate Program 2022 Roadies

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Suvi Uotila



They're brilliant, talented and fun! Meet our 2022 Stockholm Associate Roadies and hear their stories – what is Roadie life about, what their summer has been like, what they've learnt, and what their future plans are.

Linh Dinh

Södertörns University | Media, Communication, and Cultural Analysis
Role: Marketing Technology Consultant


Why Columbia Road?

As I neared the end of my studies, I wanted to find an entry-level position within the marketing field. Until that point, I had only had experience working as a marketing intern as a part of my Bachelor’s studies. Hence, I really wanted to apply myself and gain even more work experience. The Associate Program was the perfect match because it allowed me to take on real projects and, at the same time, gave me room to learn at a manageable pace.

What did you learn during the summer?

During the summer, I got to apply myself across a variety of different MarTech-related assignments. From SEM to CRO to sales-related tasks, the diversity really made me feel like I have grown professionally despite the short amount of time working at Columbia Road. What I valued most though, was the fact that I got to experience working as a consultant for the first time. This is a skill set that you can only learn by doing.

What are your plans for the future?

Now that I have finished my Master's, I am very happy to be able to continue full-time at Columbia Road. I am looking forward to being able to work on even more exciting projects in the near future and continue to develop myself as a consultant.

Anything else on your mind?

Throughout and after the interview process, I quickly realized that the Roadies are a group of incredibly skilled professionals who do not take themselves too seriously. This was tremendously helpful for my learning process because I really felt like I was supported by this inspiring group of people and could ask for help at all times.

Nathan Allard

KTH Royal Institute of Technology | Industrial Engineering and Management
Role: Software Development Associate Consultant


Why Columbia Road?

Despite not having heard of the company before, I somehow ended up on Columbia Road’s website. The blog posts immediately caught my attention. I also noticed that there were a lot of pictures of Roadies, which gave me a personal feeling. I immediately liked the attitude of the company. It was playful, sharp and curious. At the same time, the company gave a sense of getting things done.
After this, I asked around and only got good vibes from the people that I talked to. The interview process was rapid and fun. It felt like they cared a lot and were excited about the new Roadies.

What did you learn during the summer?

The summer was amazing! I learned a ton, especially thanks to my mentor, who shared some great research articles and continuously provided feedback. Columbia Road soon trusted me with large responsibilities, which initially felt a bit scary but mostly very exciting.
One of the most valuable skills I have practised during summer is how to receive a problem that you have no idea how to handle, quickly learn about it and then solve it. I ended up in some stressful situations, but thanks to the people at CR, I never felt that things got out of control. Besides this, I have learned a lot about working as a programmer in a large organisation. I also learned to use a bunch of new tools and even some new programming languages.

What are your plans for the future?

Thanks to the very supportive culture, I can continue working part-time whilst completing the last year of my master’s degree in machine learning. The project I am working on is very interesting and at an exciting stage of development.

Anything else on your mind?

I am very happy to be part of a large community of Roadies. Biking through Hagaparken each morning, I have always looked forward to getting to work. The culture at CR is fantastic, and I am really happy that I got the chance to be part of the company.

Tove Hässler

Berghs School of Communication | Digital Design and Strategy
Role: Design Consultant


Why Columbia Road?

I was investigating various agencies and companies - what they do, how they do it and who they are. Columbia Road really stood out from the crowd! The culture, flat hierarchy, and adaptable mindset primarily got my attention. Due to the broad and diverse knowledge Roadies have in this company, Columbia Road manages to combine business and design seamlessly, which I find very fascinating.

What did you learn during the summer?

The most extensive learning has been taking on the consultant role. My understanding of the importance of collaboration and shared understanding has deepened even more - I've had great experiences getting to know my fellow Roadies’ competencies and strengthening my design and consultant skills.

What are your plans for the future?

Well, luckily, Columbia Road and I are getting to know each other even better since I was offered a full-time position as a design consultant after the Associate Program ended! I'm very excited to proceed with my career with the people here at Columbia Road.

Anything else on your mind?

The summer was great - wonderful people, inspiring clients and events. Since my first day at the beginning of March, I have felt incredibly welcomed and taken care of. I've had the opportunity to grow and make my own decisions with the knowledge of always having fantastic support from my fellow Roadies when I need guidance.

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