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Digital Commerce Forum 2023

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We’ve been dreaming of digital commerce, where each touchpoint is hyper-personalised, customer engagement is fully automated, and customer experience is seamless. It’s time to stop dreaming!

The Digital Commerce Forum brought together an international crowd of top commercial digital leaders to an exclusive event about personalisation. All insights are now available on-demand for free!

In the presentations, we explore how to make that dream a reality fast without getting stuck in never-ending IT projects and alignment meetings.

Hear the personalisation success stories from leading retailers such as Marks & Spencer and Lyko, as well as iconic brands such as Deliveroo and Nordea.

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Nick Masca

Marks & Spencer

Driving customer lifetime value through personalisation

Nick spearheads the Data Science division within the Growth & Personalisation team at UK’s leading retailer Marks & Spencer. With a foundational expertise in statistics, Nick shares how personalisation at scale drives customer lifetime value at M&S.


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Erin Weigel


Design for impact

Erin is a designer, leader and storyteller who has years of experience in designing with impact at Deliveroo and previously at In her presentation, she shares how to combine design with business and science and demonstrates how a culture of experimentation and personalisation leads to growth.


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Tom Thörnblom


Growing the beauty giant

Lyko is an omnichannel beauty giant with the market’s broadest range, inspiring customers to be their best selves. Tom, Head of Communication & Sustainability, shares how courage, setbacks, and a strong vision are crucial for the company culture. He tells the story of Lyko's inspiring growth, highlighting the value of localisation and customer-centricity.


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Frederik Fryland


The path towards personalised banking experience

Frederik is the Personalization Lead at Nordea, driving personalisation across the Nordics. In his presentation, he demonstrates how Nordea offers personalised customer experiences for a diverse customer base of 9 million people. 


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Jaime López


AI-powered marketing operations

Jaime, Senior Director of Marketing Operations at Aiven, has over 9 years of experience in global B2B giants. With a background in engineering and  marketing, Jaime masterfully bridges the gap between technology and marketing. Turning big ideas into impactful implementations, he demonstrates the transformative power of AI in marketing processes.


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Eero Martela

Columbia Road

Personalisation in digital commerce: Stop overthinking and get going

As the Managing Partner at Columbia Road, Eero has been in the prime spot for seeing how digital commerce has transformed for the past 7 years. In his keynote for the Digital Commerce Forum 2023, Eero talks about how personalisation can become a reality fast. It's time to move from dreaming to doing – and Eero can share how.


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Digital Commerce Forum 2023

View the recordings on demand!

View the recordings on demand!

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