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Full-stack growth hacking for Freska’s cleaning services


Freska is a modern home cleaning company. Freska is based in Finland and is also operating in Norway and Sweden.


Freska needed help with selling their cleaning services online. They had skilled marketing and development teams, but no one optimised the whole purchase funnel from digital marketing channels to website conversions and customer retention. We wanted to help Freska learn this modern way of operating digital sales.

Key objectives

The best way of learning is by doing so we set up a full-stack growth hacking team for Freska. Our goal was to increase the number of subscribers and develop their attribution modelling so that they could find the most effective channels for customer acquisition. We got the autonomy to test growth experiments through the purchase funnel, which is an ideal setup for growth hacking.

Columbia Road helped us to build Growth Hacking capabilities into our organisation. In a few months, we achieved significant results together. Now we have recruited our own Growth Owner and integrated growth hacking into our daily business.

Sebastian Heinrichs, Co-Founder & Group CEO, Freska

Our approach

We recommend starting growth hacking by defining business goals and KPIs and getting familiar with target customers and their buying behaviour. Freska had already identified many potential growth ideas, and we prioritised those based on expected business impact and implementation effort. Once we had our growth backlog ready, we started testing!

We needed a team of multi-skilled experts to implement growth experiments through the purchase funnel. Our growth owner, UX designer, digital marketing and data specialist worked with Freska’s developer, marketing manager, data analyst and business owner. Together we formed a growth team that could react quickly and implement effectively. 

Concrete examples of our growth experiments were seasonal email marketing campaigns, SEM optimisation, website redesign and conversion optimisation. In addition to continuous growth experiments, we focused a lot on attribution modelling and on how to find the most effective marketing channels for customer acquisition.


We worked closely with Freska for a few months and achieved significant results. Some examples of our results are:

  • A record number of new customers was acquired during a single week
  • Website visitor conversion to checkout increased by +50% compared to the previous year
  • Tactical SEM campaign performance improved: 3x more conversions, cost per conversion (CPC) -50%
  • Launch of Freska’s first attribution mode

In addition to clear results, we built growth hacking capabilities and a mindset at Freska. This growth setup was an excellent foundation for recruiting Freska’s new Head of Growth.

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