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Feb 25, 2019 2:00:12 PM

Introducing: The Growth Hacker’s Handbook

Olivia Helle

Consultant, Full Stack Marketing

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“Growth hacking” seems to be the hype term of the moment — a new trick that gives keys to quick growth and helps you to get on top of your game. Finding a novel way to accelerate growth is something that surely sounds tempting but perhaps also too good to be true. If there’s a way to reach the growth levels of paragons such as Facebook, Dropbox or LinkedIn, why isn’t everyone tapping into it?

The truth is that these giants have not achieved their level of growth quickly nor easily through one life changing solution that was simply so brilliant that it revolutionised the whole potential of the company. In reality, what drove the huge success and rapid growth of these companies were the process methodologies, rapid development and testing of new features, and the continuation and elimination of features based on hard data — processes that are at the heart of the growth hacking methodology.

Growth hacking is not a quick fix or a side project that functions as a separate part of the company’s processes. It is a continuous cycle that requires collaboration across different teams and refreshed ways of thinking — not a piece of cake, is it? However, growth hacking is a methodology that can be implemented to companies of all sizes, and it is a process that ensures your company’s growth potential is explored on a much higher level than traditional processes enable. Growth, which is at the heart of what drives businesses forward and which is the one thing you promise to your shareholders. What could be more important than investing time and effort into achieving your maximum level of growth?

Our Growth Hacker’s Handbook is here to offer you insight, learnings and tools to tap into your unleashed potential. The book tackles growth hacking through three cross-organisational levels: culture, strategy and implementation. 


Download Growth Hacker's Handbook


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