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Nov 30, 2020 4:51:21 PM

Roope Paju joins Columbia Road

Olivia Helle

Consultant, Full Stack Marketing

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Roope-PajuHi Roope, How did you get good at what you do?

I have always seen myself as a business-minded person – I enjoy reading company stories and experiences from different business professionals. For that reason, applying to a business school was a logical choice for me and I recently graduated with an M.Sc. from Aalto University, School of Business. During my studies, my interest in technology kept growing constantly and I ended up majoring in Information and Service Management instead of more traditional fields of business administration. Most of my studies focused on how enterprise systems, data analytics and novel digital technologies can be implemented to support business growth. I am especially interested in CRM systems and ended up writing my thesis about AI implementation in a CRM system context.

Where have you earned your spurs?

I worked first at aTalent Recruiting in sales as an Account Manager focusing mainly on IT customers. I learned about B2B sales and how to conduct recruitment business in a way that both respects the candidates and helps companies to find the fitting and highly sought-after professionals. Later, I started working as a Sales and Systems Specialist and managed a project configuring and adopting a new CRM-/MA system. I developed the related processes to support growth.

In addition to work, I have also held many positions of trust in the student community of KY (association for business students of Aalto University), and this year I have chaired the Board of the KY Foundation, which is in charge of managing assets of more than 45M€. Even though activities there relate more to real estate development and investment management than digital business, I feel that I have learnt a lot from having an important role in major projects.

Why Columbia Road?

I remember first hearing about Columbia Road from Mari Silvennoinen, who is also an alumna of the same major I studied. The ambitions of Columbia Road to help companies grow their customer’s business with information technology as a tool rather than just for the sake of digitalisation resonates strongly with me. I believe that this is a place where I can use my skills related to both business and information technology which is just what I was looking for. Additionally, I was really interested in working in a low-hierarchy organisation and I knew that Columbia Road has a great culture built on trust and peer support. After starting here, I have also found that learning is encouraged, which I value greatly.

Eero, what will make our clients love Roope?

“Roope always has a solution-oriented approach to every problem, and can solve things in a swift and effective way. His knowledge in both business and technology means he can get a grasp the customer’s problem with ease and find a solution for it with his business understanding. Analytical and data-driven approaches which Roope embodies make him a successful part of Columbia Road. On top of all of this, he is cheerful and always brings positive energy to the workplace,” says Eero Martela, General Manager at Columbia Road.

What makes your heart beat a little faster?

I enjoy reading books and listening to podcasts and audiobooks about topics related to business, technology and analytics. I am also interested in testing and adopting different novel consumer solutions, utilising VR, IoT and gamification. I like to blow off steam by running or playing video or board games.

How would you fancy working alongside Roope at Columbia Road? We're constantly looking for new skilful and nice people to join our crew! Take a peek at our open positions 👇

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