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Dec 7, 2020 5:44:32 PM

Associate program Roadies, 2020 edition

Hannah Nordenström

Marketing Lead, Sweden

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"As long I live, whatever I do
As great as it is, you know what's a bummer
I ain't ever gonna beat this summer with you

Brad Paisley – Beat this summer

The summer of 2020 didn't turn out to be quite what we had all imagined. But despite everything, we had the pleasure of inviting two new Roadies to our Stockholm team over the summer, and together we certainly made the most of it. Hear how our associates of the 2020 program, Karolin and Christopher, found their first summer as Roadies. 

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Christopher Gustafson | Royal Insitute of Technology | Information and Communication Technology, Distributed Systems

christopher_gustafsonWhy Columbia Road?

One of the major reasons why I chose to work for Columbia Road was the responsibility that they give to their consultants, including the associate consultants. At Columbia Road, every consultant gets to make their own decisions in the project they work on, and no manager is there to tell you what to and not to do. While this might sound daunting for an associate consultant without much experience, it turns out to be one of the key factors as to why I accomplished so much during the summer. The sense of responsibility and accountability really motivated me to improve and perform at work every day.

What did you learn during the summer?

This summer was full of learning for me. One of the biggest things for me was learning to work in a team consisting of both different competencies but also people from various organisations. This summer showed me the importance of having good communication between team members, but also the great things a team can accomplish when it works well together. Teamwork requires some thought into how you work, and when you start considering and adapting your way of working, teamwork really can make the dream work!

What are your plans for the future?

As for the future, I am continuing my studies at KTH and starting my Masters in Distributed Systems. After that, the plan is still not set in stone, but coming back to Columbia Road is definitely on the radar. I enjoyed my time with Columbia Road so much I can see myself working for them long-term.

Columbia Road really deserves credit for the social culture of the company. Even though this summer has been different with working remotely, they have still made an effort to make the best out of the situation, from online Valborg (May Day) parties to playing the outdoor game Kubb and having some beers in a park. This summer has been so much fun and super insightful. I have learned a lot and I have met some great people!

Karolin Valaszkai | Royal Institute of Technology | Media Technology, Human-Computer Interaction Design

Karolin_Valaszkai_USE THISWhy Columbia Road?

I found the job advert completely by accident! I was caught by the term “designer” and was intrigued by the look and feel of the thorough marketing material that was on Columbia Road’s website, where others explained why they had joined the company. Also, I loved the combination of design and sales, the mix of cultures through close collaboration between the offices, and Columbia Road’s startup attitude while still being a well-established company. It’s the perfect size company to work for: in under three months, I got to know everyone at both the Stockholm and Helsinki office.

What did you learn during the summer?

I learnt teamwork and close collaboration skills with both clients and other Roadies. On top of this, I have gained a lot of confidence, and excitement for life post-studies.

Specifically, in terms of design, one big takeaway is that not understanding the language of the content is a really simple way of evaluating your UI and use of design conventions. I learned this, somewhat by accident, during a design critique I had set up, as the other designer didn't speak the language which the prototype was intended for. I recently got to experience this myself, as I managed to orient myself around a website entirely in Italian, and then successfully purchased a gift for my sister.

What are your plans for the future?

I am quite open to what the future holds. However, I will likely continue on the path of design. Currently, I am interested in digging deeper into IoT, Physical Interaction Design, and Somaesthetic Design as I am focusing 100% on finishing up my final year of my masters. I haven't closed the door on Columbia Road!

Anything else on your mind?

I really appreciated opening my mailbox to find little surprises to boost the remote work, such as the care package for the online Valborg (May Day) party and a handwritten welcome postcard. Shout out to Jiajia and Sally on HR for the feels!

A great end to the summer was everyone's excitement by finally meeting in person at the "end of the summer party", after months of close remote collaborations.

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