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Apr 1, 2020 4:57:00 PM

Tuomas Ravander joins Columbia Road

Olivia Helle

Marketing Lead, Finland

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Tuomas_RavanderHi Tuomas, How did you get good at what you do?

I graduated from Metropolia University of Applied Sciences as an IT engineer in the spring of 2019. Funnily enough, I majored in Game Applications even though I rarely play video games other than an occasional game of online chess every now and then.

I got into programming midway through elementary school and have been studying web development and programming in one way or another ever since. I feel that when it comes to programming schools can only get you so far, and that most things in programming have to be self-taught and learned through experience and repetition.

Why Columbia Road?

After graduating I was looking for the next big career step, and working at Columbia Road seemed like a challenge worth going for. So far, working on bigger projects and in larger teams has been a very interesting and eye opening experience.

Eero, what will make our clients love Tuomas?

“Tuomas is a hard-working professional who truly loves what he does. He has been able to gain a very comprehensive toolkit in terms of web-technologies, which makes it easy for Tuomas to work with highly varying projects and clients. Although Tuomas takes his work seriously, he is also a very easy-going guy, and likes to bring a little bit of humour to the table,” says Eero Martela, General Manager at Columbia Road.

What makes your heart beat a little faster?

Outside of work I enjoy playing pool and hanging out with my friends. I’m also keen on chess, puzzles and problem solving, which might also have something to do with why I enjoy programming so much – and why I’ve continued on this path to this day ;)

How would you fancy working alongside Tuomas at Columbia Road? We're constantly looking for new nice and skilful people to join our crew! Take a peek at our open positions 👇


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