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Growing ecommerce with better personalisation

ON-DEMAND webinar

Watch and learn how to make next-level personalisation a reality for your ecommerce.


On-demand webinar

View the webinar recording! 

View the webinar recording! 

Make personalisation a reality for your ecommerce

Imagine a world where buying the perfect pair of jeans or securing the ideal insurance deal requires no effort. No filtering, reading or comparing – just the right thing, at the right time.

Personalisation is all about offering a better experience for the users while driving business success. It needs two things to function: input and output – i.e. data and the form that the data takes when it meets the user.

Too often, personalisation gets stuck in the complexity of processing large amounts of customer data and never-ending CDP projects, hence resulting in missed years of improved experiences and business performance.

In the webinar, we will focus on:

  • How personalisation can become a reality fast
  • How to achieve personalisation without extensive data collection efforts
  • How to instantly plan small-scale tests for big-scale wins
  • Examples of real-life personalisation tests that resulted in immediate business improvements


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Meet the speakers


Simon Fransson

Business development

Simon has years of experience in helping companies gain sales impact with digital technologies, from strategy to hands-on online growth leadership.


Juuli Kiiskinen


Juuli is a business-driven designer with a fierce drive for tangible impact and years of experience in hands-on ecommerce growth.

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