Growth Hacking

Business impact optimisation of existing digital services throughout the customer journey

Growth hacking is a proven way to run a modern digital business


Growth hacking = impact = revenue = growth


💰 Growth hacking is how to run a digital business. We see growth hacking, and apply it in practice, as a holistic approach for growing and running digital sales. There are many other business benefits than only short term sales growth.


📌 Rapid experimentation drives business impact in the fields of marketing, content and communication, web development and business strategies throughout the purchase funnel.


💡 Multidisciplinary growth teams take actions with a strong mandate from business and work in close collaboration with clients aiming to bring down silos and nurture a growth culture inside organisations.


📊 Hypothesis and data-driven experimentation guides the actions: without aiming to impact central KPI’s and having ways to measure them growth hacking is impossible.

Growth hacking is the universal best practice for getting more revenue and more customers in digital channels. Eero Martela, Columbia Road

Our promise to you

, dedication, and delivery toward shared business goals.

Results through Growth Hacking: more sales and more customers. Focus on what is relevant for your business and actions that bring the biggest impact.

Faster validation and growth experimentation.

Total ownership of growth activities across the entire sales channel. No silos.

Data rather than gut feeling in making decisions.

Cross-functional team and a variety of key competences 

Versatile know-how and understanding of different digital marketing and technical implementation tools and techniques. Not a platform-driven but a solution-driven partner.

Growth hacking is a team effort and a game-changer for operations


Traditional sales personnel such as field sales, dealer contact persons, shopkeepers and sales managers will find new counterparts in digital sales personnel such as software developers, digital marketers, designers and ecommerce shopkeepers.


In a well-tuned growth team, the digital sales people have strong ownership of business growth with a mandate to take action. 


The growth team's focus is always on:

✔️ Entire customer journeys

✔️ Total customer lifecycle values

✔️ Measurable impact





Growth hacking can happen on four levels


1) Growth culture and mindset

In short, growth hacking is all about getting things done. It requires a distinctive mindset of constantly identifying and testing growth opportunities — and having the ownership and empowerment to push for growth in a particular context. Growth mindset can take place on an individual, team, or organisational level, where it ultimately evolves into a growth culture.


2) Ways of working

The core of growth hacking is a certain way of working, including the team’s roles, responsibilities, and skill sets as well as certain processes and practices that are applied. This is where the verb ‘growth hacking’ typically refers to. The context can be basically anything: Growth hacking ways of working can be applied to software development, marketing, service design, product launches, strategy, and content, to name a few.


3) Operating and organising around digital services

Successful growth hacking requires that certain kind of teams are in place. Those teams should have clear ownership of what they are doing as well as resources (i.e. budget) for performing the required activities. So, shortly put, in an organisational setting growth hacking requires certain ways of organising and operating. Getting these right from the start are the key enablers of digital growth.


4) Growth hacking activities and hacks

On a hands-on level, growth hacking consists of various activities. Only creativity is the limit here. For inspiration, go to your browser and search for ‘growth hacking tips’ – you’ll find plenty to start with.

Some of our growth hacking cases

  • B2B digital marketing growth hacking - case Suomen Yrittäjät

    We launched three new inbound campaigns containing a lead process which continues to bring 100 new marketing qualified leads weekly. We also did value-based awareness display and re-targeting marketing actions, and generated 45% more growth in new member registrations through digital marketing

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  • Online sales growth hacking - case L&T

    In 2,5 months we increased L&T webshop’s monthly revenue by 400 %, visitors by another 400 %, added 1,65 % to the conversion rate and were able to raise the ROAS above 1. We raised a previously non-relevant area of business into a highly relevant one within a B2B company operating in a very traditional industry.

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  • Full-stack growth hacking for cleaning services - case Freska

    We worked closely together with Freska for a few months and achieved significant results together: A record number of new customers acquired during a single week, website visitor conversion to checkout increased +50% compared to the previous year and 3 x more conversions from SEM campaigns

    Read more

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Growth hacking is the continuos optimisation of the entire purchase funnel, both in B2C and B2B



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