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Apr 6, 2016 8:00:00 AM

Ilkka Rämö joins Columbia Road

Lauri Eloranta

Managing Partner

ilkka-profile.jpgThe Finnish market does not have many e-commerce veterans, but Ilkka Rämö is one of the very few. Ilkka is a business-oriented mastermind known for his work at Fruugo, F-Secure, Futurice, and Elisa. Most recently, Ilkka was in charge of building the fashion retail brand Stylewhile, a Reaktor Ventures company.

At Columbia Road, Ilkka is a Principal Consultant and in charge of technology and recruitment.

“After being involved in a couple of exciting e-commerce ventures, I was very excited about the opportunity to join Columbia Road to help other companies find new growth in digital channels. Having worked together with Lauri and Sampo in the past, it was an easy jump for me." Principal Consultant Ilkka Rämö summarises.

“It’s awesome to have such talent on the team! In addition, he’s such a nice guy!” comments Lauri Eloranta, Columbia Road’s Managing Partner.

During his free time, Ilkka is a father, a well known karaoke-star, and the world’s best ultimate player with dozens of medals from national and international tournaments. Ilkka’s ability to catch any business problem, no matter how hard, can truly be seen from the footage below:

YLE Areena: Ultimatessa nähtiin jäätävä voittomaali – katso video http://areena.yle.fi/1-3309768

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