Growth Hacking Crash Course

Crash Course for Corporate Leaders and Managers

When: 20th of August 2019 8:30 – 13:00

Where: Engelbrektsgatan 7, Stockholm, Sverige

8:30 Breakfast
8:30 - 12:30 Crash Course
12:30 - 13:00 Lunch and discussion 

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Praise for the course

" is one of the biggest ecommerce sites in Finland. Columbia Road's Growth Hacking crash course provided us with valuable insights both in theory and practice about how to find new growth for digital sales." 
Vanessa Lehtinen, Head of Digital Services & Marketing, VR Group

“Fresh thinking about the topic.”
Jari Matero, Lead, Digital Commerce, Kalmar
"Thought-provoking course that makes you want to change things."
Eveliina Rantahalvari, Marketing Manager, Instrumentarium

Details of the crash course


The aim of this workshop is to provide people in leadership and manager positions in sales or marketing an opportunity to learn how to instill a growth hacking mindset throughout their organisation.


During the crash course, we'll discuss growth hacking especially from the point-of-view of large companies. These private and confidential courses enable discussion and hands-on work on your actual business problems and opportunities.


We want to help you understand how to get started with establishing growth hacking ways-of-working cross-organisationally, how to create growth hacking teams and enable a growth culture.

Growth is not the easiest route, but it’s what will keep your business going in this new digital revenue focused landscape. A well-tuned growth engine is also your best insurance for a downturn economy: sales and marketing cannot stop, but the engine must be efficient.



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Morning Coffee



Part 1: Why and how to do growth hacking

- Growth hacking is a new way of driving business growth: Background and principles of modern digital sales and growth marketing, and how to drive culture change.

- How to do growth hacking in practice: Team and tools, processes and methodology, real case examples.






Part 2: Growth Hacking in action

- Getting started: What are you growing and how should you do growth hacking? Starting a growth hacking initiative (real case example).

- Applying growth hacking in your organization: Organising around growth, how to drive forward a growth mindset shift. Typical challenges and conflicts when ramping up growth hacking in large organizations.



Lunch and discussion



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More information about the course:


Magnus Stjerna
+46 70 00 264 00

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