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Upcoming webinars

  • Webinar – Growth Hacking 101, ensure effective digital sales in any organisation

    Learn how to increase the revenue from digital sales more effectively by using growth hacking. 

    A well-tuned growth engine is also your best insurance for a down-turn economy: sales and marketing cannot stop, but the engine must be efficient.  

    August 25th, 2020


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  • Webinar – Digital sales first, gain competitive advantage by adopting a digital sales first strategy. 

    All sales are going digital, but some companies are struggling to adopt to this new normal. What does it take for an organisation to change focus and adopt a real digital sales strategy?

    Hear learnings from some of the great disruptors from different industries in Sweden on how they do it.

    September 17th, 2020


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The Digital Sales Transformation Handbook 

Sales are going through a massive transformation. 

In this book we discuss how that change will affect companies on organisational and structural level, what it means for customer experience, how ways-of-working and culture needs to adapt, and what future technologies need to be considered, amongst other key themes.

Download The Digital Sales Transformation Handbook

The Growth Hacker's Handbook

The Growth Hacker’s Handbook is written by us for you to get inspired by the things that can be achieved with fast release and test cycles, data-driven digital marketing and agile business development.

It’s a collection of hands-on articles on growth hacking on three levels:

1. How to achieve digital growth

2. Planning and preparing for growth hacking

3. Growth hacking in action


Download Growth Hacker's Handbook

The Growth Hacker's Handbook - Salesforce edition!

The definitive guide of growth hacking for everyone working with Salesforce.

Make the most out of your current or future investment into Salesforce! Topics include:
  • Three growth hacking business cases for B2B context
  • How to create a digital age B2B buying experience
  • Growth hacking with Salesforce

Download Growth Hacker's Handbook - the Salesforce edition

Digital sales canvases

  • Customer Journey Map Canvas

    Start mapping your customers' journey with this easy-to-use template.

    By downloading this template you'll get a six-step guided example of one customer journey and an empty template for you to fill in with your business' customer journey.


    Download free canvas

  • Buyer Persona Canvas

    Use this buyer persona canvas template to map your business' persona profiles. 

    Personas describe in detail who your key customers are and why they feel the way they do. Buyer personas have a crucial role in the increasingly important discipline of customer journey mapping. 


    Download free canvas

  • Digital Commerce Canvas 

    Use the Digital Commerce Canvas as a roadmap for analysing, planning or re-designing your digital sales and customer acquisition. 

    This canvas helps you to understand all the aspects involved with digital commerce.


    Download free canvas

Growth canvases

  • Growth Hacking Canvas

    Make growth opportunity ideation a continuous part of your business processes and learn to identify new opportunities. 

    This canvas helps you to go through all key elements that should be addressed when running a growth hacking cycle for a particular market or customer segment. 


    Download free canvas

  • Growth Ideation Canvas

    Map growth ideas with this easy-to-use template!

    With this Growth Ideation Canvas, you’ll get a pragmatic framework for conducting systematic growth ideation in your organisation. It is designed for the context of ecommerce and online business development. The canvas covers the entire purchase funnel.


    Download free canvas


  • Inbound Content Canvas

    Map out your content funnel with this easy-to-use template.

    Inbound content canvas helps you to successfully build both your lead and customer base as well as nurture existing customers towards repeat and higher value purchases, and advocacy.


    Download free canvas

Customised courses for companies

Organise a private Growth Hacking Crash Course for your team or company and discover the untapped growth potential in digital sales! By implementing growth hacking to your organisation you'll build a powerful growth engine that relies on hard data, constant evaluations and tests instead of subjective opinions. Be among the disruptors, not the disrupted.

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React Finland x Columbia Road

This year instead of the big React Finland conference, React Finland is organising a series of smaller online workshops and conferences. Columbia Road is a proud partner of the community.

React Finland connects experts and forerunners with the global React community to share learnings and expertise.

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