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A Nordic Digital Sales Consultancy

  • Full-stack Development and Design
  • Full-stack Marketing
  • Digital Sales Strategy
  • Growth Hacking

Columbia Road is a Nordic digital sales consultancy. We help companies get more revenue and more customers in the digital era.

We can help you with

Full-stack development & design for ecommerce

Continuous development & maintenance

Digital marketing and marketing technology

Digital sales strategy

Growth hacking


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Book launch: The Digital Sales Handbook for leaders in IT

March 26th, 2021

The webinar is a crystallisation of the key themes leaders in IT need to understand in 2021 to push their digital-enabled sales forward. Join the webinar to hear the highlights of what the process of producing the handbook revealed to us, as well as keynotes from experts from Stora Enso and Tiger of Sweden.

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"Columbia Road was able to combine everything into elegant user experience and a technically cutting-edge solution that also allows us to be data-driven in the future." Timo Korander, Head of Consumer Services - Digital Commerce, Posti

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    Hannah Nordenström

    Marketing Lead, Sweden

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    Managing Consultant, Strategy

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The Digital Sales Transformation Handbook 

Sales are going through a massive transformation. 

In this book we discuss how that change will affect companies on organisational and structural level, what it means for customer experience, how ways-of-working and culture needs to adapt, and what future technologies need to be considered, amongst other key themes.

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