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A Nordic Digital Sales Consultancy

  • Full-stack Development and Design
  • Full-stack Marketing
  • Digital Sales Strategy
  • Growth Hacking

Columbia Road is a Nordic digital sales consultancy. We help companies sell better by building seamless digital solutions and running concrete growth activities.

We can help you with

Full-stack development & design for ecommerce

Continuous development & maintenance

Digital marketing and marketing technology

Digital sales strategy

Growth hacking


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The Data Handbook

The new data-focused handbook is a collection of interviews and articles aiming to answer the question of how data can be utilised to enhance the customer journey and improve business outcomes.

Thought leader interviews include Dr Peter Fader, Minna Vakkilainen from Kesko and Erik Zetterberg from Singular Society among many others.

It's time for business leaders to take ownership of their data. 

Read handbook online

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"With the efficient and user-friendly end-to-end service our partners can trust that they have all the necessary information to design, sell, order and service Framery products. The Framery 360 portal removes bottlenecks and frees time to focus on the value-adding parts of the sales and after-sales process." Olli Siren, Development Director, Framery Acoustics

Hybrid Work Toolkit for Digital Sales

This freshly released toolkit for digital sales teams allows you and your teams have those essential discussions on how to work in this new hybrid world and make the most out of it. 

The interactive toolkit with playing cards is hosted on Miroverse from where you can freely copy & use it either online or by printing out the cards. The toolkit comes with a user guide and a collection of suggestions and learnings.

Download Hybrid Work Toolkit

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    Recruitment Associate

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    Marketing Lead, Sweden

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    Composing your Customer Data Stack with emerging technologies

    Antton Ikola

    Senior Consultant, Growth

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