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A Nordic Digital Sales Consultancy

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What we do

Columbia Road is a Nordic digital sales consultancy. We help companies get more revenue and more customers in the digital era.

Digital sales bottlenecks & opportunities - free consultation!

Budgets are tight, which is why now is the time for new ideas, new angles, and new opportunities. Sign up if:

You have missed sales opportunities due to the covid-19 situation

You cannot run traditional face-to-face B2B sales 

Your brick and mortar stores are not getting sufficient foot traffic 

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Growth Hacking 101 webinar

Learn how to increase the revenue from digital sales more efficiently by using growth hacking.

A well-tuned growth engine is also your best insurance for a down-turn economy: sales and marketing cannot stop, but the engine must be efficient.

April 23rd, 2020

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We can help you with

Ecommerce build & design

Full stack marketing

Digital sales strategy

Growth hacking


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"In 2.5 months Columbia Road increased our webshop’s revenue by 400%. Their pool of digital commerce experts got their hands dirty with our business as if it were their own. I’m truly amazed!" Ville Simola, Lassila & Tikanoja

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    Teemu Suvinen joins Columbia Road

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The Digital Sales Transformation Handbook 

Sales are going through a massive transformation. 

In this book we discuss how that change will affect companies on organisational and structural level, what it means for customer experience, how ways-of-working and culture needs to adapt, and what future technologies need to be considered, amongst other key themes.

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